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It’s the greatest time of year! December is one of the greatest months (except for April, because that’s my birthday month!) It is now officially acceptable to start watching Elf on repeat, wrapping gifts, baking cookies and listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.

My boyfriend and I both grew up celebrating the holidays with our family and friends. But this year, Christmas is going to be a bit different for us; we will be spending Christmas together in Santiago. This will be the first year we won’t be back home for the holidays. As much as we are going to miss being with our families, we are looking forward to spending our first Christmas here together. This holiday season will be full of many firsts and new traditions. We bought our first Christmas tree, hung our ornaments and laid out our stockings.

I’ve learned that the best traditions are not ones you plan for, but ones you happen upon by chance. And there are many family traditions we can keep regardless of where we are! Like wearing matching PJ’s, watching it’s a wonderful life, making Christmas cookies, and waiting for Santa to come. As my parents used to tell me growing up when we’d travel during the holidays, “Santa will find you wherever you are!”

I’ll miss my family, sitting in front of the fire and watching the beautiful snowfalls in New York this holiday season, but I’m looking forward to spending my first Christmas and New Years with Fran here in Chile.

There’s only 30 days left of 2017, so make them count. The holiday season is such a magical time and I intend to enjoy every minute of it! Soak up all the holiday spirit, be present, enjoy time with loved ones and take advantage of the most wonderful time of year! See you in 2018; Cheers!