September 15, 2017 0 Comments Travel


Happy Friday everyone!

Wanted to share a little bit about my upcoming travel plans. My boyfriend and I are leaving for Brazil TOMORROW! I am finally cashing in the Christmas present he got me!

We’ll be exploring two places we’ve never been before—Rio de Janeiro and Barra Grande. And the best part? I get to see my favorite band play at Rock in Rio—RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! Literally could not be more excited.

So, here’s what my boyfriend has on the agenda for us!

For the first week, we’re going to Barra Grande; known as the “Polynesia of Brazil”. We’re going to be completely off the grid. No cell phone service. No wifi. NADA! Barra Grande is a remote seaside town located on the tip of the Maraú Peninsula. It’s considered to be home to some of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches.

Here’s where we’ll be staying:  
I can’t wait to spend an entire week exploring this remote paradise! (Don’t worry- I’ll be sharing plenty of photos throughout the trip & when we get back!)

But the trip doesn’t end there! We’re heading back to Rio for the weekend. We’re going to Rock in Rio!

Here’s where we’ll be staying in Rio- I have to say, my boyfriend did good 🙂 This AirBnB is in the heart of Rio with a huge balcony that overlooks the entire city; can you say magical!?

Anyways, I’ll check in with you all when I return to share all the details of our trip! I’m in serious need for a vacation so I’m going to take advantage of being disconnected and off the grid! But if you’re interested in following along, check out my Instagram for updates – @browneyedella_