August 28, 2017 4 Comments Fashion

What to wear when you work from home

“It must be so nice being able to work from home in your pajamas every day.” Every time I tell someone that I work remotely, that is their initial response. It’s not that easy or comfy-cozy as one may think. Yes, it has its pros, but as with anything in this world, there are the cons as well. With every opportunity comes new challenges, but also a time for personal growth.

Yes, it’s tempting to spend your day in your pajamas, but that’s not healthy or productive. One of the best ways to feel confident and prepared for a full day of work is by dressing the part. Aka, wearing your pajamas all day is no longer an option!

Take the time to wake up early and get dressed every day. Dress as if you were working in an office; it really does put you in a different mindset for your day. And I’m not saying you need to get all dolled up, but just put in a little effort. Just find the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Anyways, here are some must-have pieces I think you should considering invest in if you work from home!
(Think chic athleisure mixed with casual Sunday brunch; fashion AND function!)

Leggings are a staple in my closet (and not just workout leggings). The key is finding a pair of leggings that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Pair with a denim or moto jacket to create a complete outfit.

Love these. I own way too many of these but they’re so versatile. Both tees/tanks can be worn interchangeably with numerous items in your wardrobe.

Think chic track pants or joggers.

Regardless of whether you work from home or in an office, moto and denim jackets are wardrobe staples. Bombers are another easy way to make your outfit stylish.

I know we all have our collection of oversized sweatshirts that we love to snuggle it, but those are not going to help you be productive during the work day. Find a sweatshirt that’s a balance between comfort and style.

Cute sneakers are a must-have. There are so many different styles, colors and textures to choose from. And most can be worn throughout every season.

Versatility at its finest. Everyone needs plenty of basics for layering and the best part is, basics can be worn with pretty much everything in your closet. I love pairing a cute crop top with leggings or skinny jeans. Pull the outfit together with some sleek sneaks.