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My Minimal Beauty Routine

Happy Wednesday! This isn’t my normal posting day, but I was inspired this morning (you’ll learn more below) and felt the need to update you all.

So, this is my FIRST ever beauty post. I have been going back and forth about whether I wanted to venture into the beauty realm of the blog world because I was unsure of what beauty really meant to me. But this morning, while I was getting ready, I found my own beauty identity. Minimalist.

Beauty is a place where you should feel beautiful both inside and out. Despite what society tells us, we don’t need makeup to be pretty or to feel beautiful. Makeup is simply a tool and it’s a choice as to how we use it.

My relationship with makeup- I like it but I don’t like a lot of it. My philosophy? Less is more. I like looking natural. I mean there are some days where I leave the house makeupless.

For me, minimalism is about having the perfect amount of something. When it comes to makeup, that means having products you don’t need to double up on or owning an excess number of items just for the hell of it. Basically, I buy less so I can buy better quality—it’s quality over quantity my friends!

So, here’s the list of products I use and in the exact order that I apply them:

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Hydrating) I love this primer. It’s super lightweight and it doesn’t leave your face looking greasy. I use just a small drop to cover my face.

bareMinerals Well Rested Face & Eye Brightener – This is my favorite undereye brightener. It gives me the perfect glow underneath my eyes without looking overdone. If you need to conceal dark circles, you should use this on top of your concealer.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – LESS is more with this foundation. I apply one squirt of the foundation onto my brush and evenly distribute to cover my face. It’s a very light foundation which I love. I hate when a foundation clogs your pores.

bareMinerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer – Obsessed. It conceals dark circles perfectly. It can be used to cover other imperfections as well. The concealer is super lightweight and leaves you with an even-toned complexion.

Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder—best part? Doesn’t leave my face looking cakey or dry; BIGGEST pet peeve. I lightly dust this all over my face after my foundation/concealer to lock everything in place. This product is bang for your buck!

bareMinerals Invisible Bronze Powder— I used to use bareMinerals ‘the high dive’ bronzer, which I still have, but I can only use when I already have somewhat of a base tan.  Otherwise, I look like a real-life oompa Loompa! The invisible bronzer gives my skin a natural looking, sun-kissed glow. It also gives your skin a little shimmer without being super glittery.

Christian Dior Rosy Glow— I’m not a big fan of blush, but this one is amazing. When you first open the compact, the bright neon pink is a bit shocking, but it doesn’t show up on your skin like that at all. It has a very subtle pink hue with the perfect natural glow.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara— My favorite step! If I had to live with only one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. I have been using this mascara for at least 8 years. My mom and my sisters use it as well. It separates and lengthens my lashes perfectly. This is my go-to everyday mascara.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Super Curling Mascara—This mascara was a recent find and I’m obsessed with it. I usually will only use this when I’m going out. I’ll apply it after a coat of the Giorgio Armani mascara because it adds insane length and a sexy jet black pigment to my lashes.

So, there you have it! That’s my simple, minimal makeup routine.

What’s your beauty identity?!


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